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Why Build a Kingdom Kitchen?


       What sets a Kingdom Kitchen apart from others is the framework, versatility, and precision. The two most common materials to build an outdoor kitchen are steel studs or stone building blocks. Using either one of those materials require significantly more on-sight labor and time (up to 2 or more weeks just for building the structure). Kingdom kitchens are custom built off-sight in my shop. I bring them to your home in sections (depending on size) and install them within 1-3 hours so you don't have to live in a construction zone for more than you have to.

       A Kingdom kitchen is constructed out of welded aluminum. The main reason I custom weld aluminum frames is the versatility. I am able to build around any pillar or post, obscure angle, or other obstructions. With a welded frame, I also have the ability to build floating dining ledges or other great designs as opposed to building block structures (refer to portfolio). I level the framework during installations so your countertop is secured properly to a flat and level surface while also shedding water.

       Another benefit of a welded frame is the strength. You may think that by using aluminum the frame could be weak, but it is the opposite. My solid welded frames are built like tanks and can easily carry the weight of the countertop and all of the components. 

       One of the more mainstream materials for outdoor kitchen framework is using steel studs. When mounting doors or other accessories to a steel stud frame the veneer becomes the structure point. I have personally seen doors close too hard causing the door jam to tweak the walls of the steel studs and crack the stone veneer. This type of frame consequently makes the veneer the structure point for components. Veneer is never meant to be structural.

       The other common type of material are building blocks, as in CMU block. One disadvantage of using a stone building block is if an anchor for a door or drawer mounting point breaks out of the block wall, it is nearly impossible to repair. Also when using a block material, the storage area inside this type of frame is greatly limited not to mention the difficulty of custom designs built out of block.

       Kingdom kitchens also have vast amounts of space inside for all your outdoor utensils, cleaning products, bags of charcoal/wood pellets, grill covers, and anything else needed in your new outdoor area. 

       The strength, versatility, and precision of a Kingdom kitchen is immaculate. Having a custom welded frame allows for endless designs, sizes, and much more. Kingdom kitchens are built to last and custom designed to accommodate all your wants and needs.

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